It’s been a year since you sacked our nation’s Capitol. If you haven’t been arrested yet, you’re probably still looking over your shoulder. If you have, your life is full of unexpected consequences — lawyer fees, lost jobs, lost friends, fines, jail.

Know who isn’t going through that? …

One thing that should be taught to us in school or by parents is how to apologize. But it isn’t. No one ever tells us how until the moment when it’s demanded of us, in a situation where we already feel lousy. “Tell your brother you’re sorry!” “Apologize!”

Thus we…

Saw last night. Don’t worry, no spoilers. This isn’t really about the movie, not even really about the ol’ web-head himself, but about the phenomenon of fandom.

I’ve been a Spidey fan all my life. I could cite the whens and hows, the media consumed, the…

Today contained the longest 22 minutes of my life.

At 10:22 this morning I got an automated call, text, and email from my son’s high school:

Safety alert! Evanston Township High School is on lockdown. If you are in the building, go directly to a room and secure it. Anyone…

New York World, Sunday, December 4, 1887

Nellie Bly’s Strange Experience at a Noted Matrimonial Agency

Some of the Men Were Bashful, Some Were Bold, Some Poor and Some Rich, But All Were “the Favorites of Their Circle” — Queer Letters — Husbands That Cost $100 — Quick Proposals — Meeting One’s Fate.

he New York woman can hardly have a single desire that cannot be…

New York WorldSunday, December 2, 1888

Nellie Bly Narrowly Escapes Having Her Tonsils Amputated

Treated as a Charity Patient in the Throat, Skin and Ear Infirmaries

David Blixt

Actor. Author. Father. Husband. In reverse order. Latest novel: WHAT GIRLS ARE GOOD FOR.

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