Dear Insurrectionists…

David Blixt
2 min readJan 6, 2022

It’s been a year since you sacked our nation’s Capitol. If you haven’t been arrested yet, you’re probably still looking over your shoulder. If you have, your life is full of unexpected consequences — lawyer fees, lost jobs, lost friends, fines, jail.

Know who isn’t going through that? The people who told you to do it.

If you didn’t notice, the ones who called you there, who urged you to do it, who stoked your anger and hate — they didn’t have your back. They said they would. Trump even promised to go with you.

They lied.

They wanted you to do their dirty work for them. Break the law. Attack our Constitution. They were afraid to do it, so they told you to do it for them. All hat, no cattle.

That’s because they never cared about you. They cared about power.

There are two types of politician: those who do what they think is right, and those who do whatever gets them power. Doing what is right is hard, and sometimes unpopular. Getting power, however, is easy. Just tell people to be angry, then point at someone to blame.

Also note: they claim to hate the government. They say government is the problem. Yet they’re all in government. By staying in government, they’re making sure the problem doesn’t get fixed. Then they blame government for not fixing anything, which gets them re-elected. Rinse and repeat.

If they were the people they claim to be, if they believed the words they spoke to you, they would have been there with you. They would be in court defending you now. They would be standing up.

But they aren’t. Because it was all lies. And, like all bullies and liars, they’re afraid of having to defend their actions. So they won’t defend yours.

Don’t get me wrong. You’re responsible for your actions. I just want you to know that, for them, it has NEVER been about your grievances. It has NEVER been about whatever you hold important. It has never, ever been about YOU.

You’re just paying the tab on their bill.



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