The Eva Hamilton Scandal — Part Ten

Robert Ray Wants A Divorce!

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The New York Times — 3 October 1889


That Robert Ray Hamilton is cured of his infatuation for Mrs. Swinton’s protégé is evidenced by the fact that he has begun a suit in the Supreme Court to have his marriage to her annulled on the ground of fraud and the existence of a previous marriage. Judge Patterson, in Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday granted a motion made my Mr. Hamilton’s lawyers, Root & Clarke, to have the service of the summons in the case made on Mrs. Evangeline L. Hamilton by publication. It will be published for six weeks in two newspapers and a law paper, and copies of it will be mailed to Mrs. Hamilton at the county jail at May’s Landing and at the State prison in Trenton.

In the complaint, which is verified by Mr. Hamilton, it is stated that the marriage of Robert Ray Hamilton to Evangeline L. Steele was performed by the Rev. Edson W. Burr of Paterson, N.J., on Jan 7, 1889. The story of the deceit practiced by Eva Steele in palming off Baby Beatrice on Hamilton as his own child is fully told, and Mr. Hamilton declares that the woman knew he would not marry her unless he believed her representations to be true. As a second cause for the annullment (sic) of the marriage it is charged that at the time the marriage between Mr. Hamilton and Eva Steele took place the woman was already married to another man. About this previous marriage Mr. Hamilton can give little proof, but he asks leave to present such evidence as he may discover in the future.

Mrs. Swinton and her son “Josh” were taken to the Central Office from the Tombs yesterday, and Inspector Byrnes and District Attorney Fellows talked with them for half an hour. They were taken back to the Tombs, and neither Mr. Fellows nor the Inspector would say why they wanted them.

Atlantic City, N.J., Oct. 3. — Mrs. Hamilton will remain at May’s Landing Jail to-night and it is probable Sheriff Johnson will take her to Trenton to-morrow morning. Should this be the Sheriff’s determination, although not definitely known, he will drive from May’s Landing to Egg Harbor, reaching there in time to take the express train via the Camden and Atlantic City Railroad, which leaves the city at 8:25 A.M. Capt. Perry visited Mrs. Hamilton this afternoon and expects to see her early in the morning. The visit to his client was with the object of talking over her business affairs; also the disposal of the child Beatrice. What disposition will be made of the child is not known here this evening.

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