Things That Aren’t Real

Hey, Trump supporters, what do these things have in common:

- Death Panels
- Birtherism
- Benghazi “stand-down” order
- Jade Helm
- Pizzagate
- 5G causing COVID
- Tom Hanks selling children on Wayfair
- Antifa
- Election Fraud

Answer: None of it was real.

All of it was ginned up to keep you angry so you don’t notice you’re being fleeced by the rich.

Know what WAS real?

- Newtown School Shooting (and every other mass shooting)
- Russian interference in the 2016 election
- Attempt to coerce Ukraine for dirt on Hunter Biden
- The serial murders of Black Americans by police
- White supremacists attempting to kidnap governors
- The assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters

You’re fighting the wrong battles. You’re not heroes. You’re fucking Leeroy Jenkins, and you’re gonna get us all killed.

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