Trump Supporters Oppose The Very Things That Make America Great

Here’s a fun little thought experiment: pick up a Trump supporter and place them anywhere in America’s timeline, and you’ll find them standing against all the things that make America great, the moments of which we are most proud.

- As blind followers of authority, they would have opposed the American Revolution.

- As supporters of institutional racism, they would have opposed the Emancipation Proclamation.

- As supporters of institutional sexism, they would have opposed the Suffrage movement.

- As blind believers in the unchecked capitalism that led to the Great Depression and haters of government intervention aimed at helping the poor, they would have opposed the rise of unions, a 40-hour work week, the federal underwriting of banks, minimum wage, social security, public works through the WPA, and even rural electrification.

- As nationalists, they would have been members of America First Mach I, opposing Lend-Lease and our support of the Allies in WWII. A number of them would have also joined the Bund, and booed God Bless America because it was written by Irving Berlin, a Jew.

- Again as supporters of institutional racism, they would have opposed desegregation, the Voting Rights Act, and the Civil Rights Act. We know they oppose Black Lives Matter.

- Again as haters of government helping individuals in need, they would have opposed Medicare and Medicaid, as well as Title Nine and the Americans With Disabilities Act. We know they opposed the ACA and the Equal Rights Amendment.

All this is to say that Trump supporters are the same people who, throughout our history, have opposed America’s greatest strides towards liberty and justice for all. So when they wrap themselves in the flag and call us un-American, deride liberals as soft or weak, shouldering our achievements as their own, remember that America is what it is, not because of them, but in spite of them.

We don’t need the slogan. Liberals have been the ones making America great from the start.

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